Strategic Outlook


The Centre for Public Policy and Governance aspires to promote and disseminate teaching and research on public policy that centre stage citizen welfare, distributive justice and participative development, humane governance and consultative and transparent policy process in Pakistan.


CPPG is designed to combine the functions of teaching, training and research (Think Tank) through Master’s/Doctoral degree programs in Public Policy — all these would be interwoven and complement each other. This is our response to the growing concern among civil society activists, parents and citizens that public policy and governance issues have not received the attention they deserve from the politicians, elites and policy makers in Pakistan and there is a general dearth of understanding on how to adopt and pursue appropriate public policies. CPPG aims to serve this neglected and undeveloped program in Pakistan’s academic setting and policy framework.

Goals and Objectives

The Centre aims to nurture a new generation of Pakistani scholars and policy analysts and envisions contributing towards training and skill development of public officials, and non-profit and business managers. CPPG aims to set a research agenda and design degree programs to attract scholars, experts, professionals and potential participants from the states of Greater South Asia (Central Asia, Gulf region and South Asia).
To fulfil these objectives, the Centre actively pursues its activities in three key domains:

  • As an academic institution, it imparts quality education based on an innovative curriculum designed with domestic needs in mind.
  • As a policy think tank, it conducts applied and evidence-based research to inform the policy process. In addition, it organizes academic conferences, seminars & workshops for advocacy and raising awareness on public policy issues.
  • As a training institute, it devises and conducts short term skills oriented trainings for public sector professionals.

Through its academic programs, multidisciplinary research agenda, collaborative research initiatives, seminars, conferences, training workshops, publications and outreach, CPPG plans to provide technical and conceptual skills, policy analysis and formulation in a broad spectrum of Public Policy and Governance areas including:

  • Policy challenges in Education, Health and Population
  • Policy, Institutional Analysis and Capacity Building
  • Policy Evaluation and Implementation
  • Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Change
  • Conflict Resolution and Management
  • Defence (Security) and Foreign Policy
  • State, Society and Governance Challenges
  • Legal system, Criminal Justice and Policing
  • Terrorism, Democratic Pluralism, Human rights
  • Energy and Transportation
  • Migration and Urbanization
  • Rural Development and Agriculture Policy
  • Environment and Global Warming
  • Globalization and Corporate Governance
  • Economics and Public Policy