Dr William B. Eimcke: Founding Director of the Picker Center for Executive Education of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Barrister Shahid Hamid: Former Governor of Punjab; currently manages his own law firm.

Dr Salman Humayun: Deputy Chief of Party, Education Sector Reform Assistance Program (ESRA).

Dr Akmal Hussain: A development economist specializing in action research. He also runs a private manufacturing firm, Sayyed Engineers (Pvt.) Ltd.

Dr Saba Gul Khattak: Former Executive Director, SDPI; specializes in comparative politics and state theory.

Dr Anjum Khurshid (MBBS, MPAFF): Assistant Professor and Director of the Health and Behavioral Risk Research Center at the University of Missouri.

Khushnood Akhtar Lashari: A District Management Group (DMG) officer, currently serving as the Federal Secretary of Health.

Dr Naushin Mahmood: Senior Researcher at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), specializing in demography and population issues.

Javed Masud: Former Managing Director and CEO of the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited.

Jean-Luc Racine: Director of Research at National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and member of the statutory CEIAS (Center for Studies in India and South Asia), School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, Paris; focuses on geopolitics of South Asia.

Kamran Rasool: Former Chief Secretary Punjab, Federal Defence Secretary and Chairman, PIA.

Babar Sattar (LLM): A Rhodes Scholar who writes on social, political and legal issues and runs a law firm – AJURIS.

Dr Shafqat Shehzad: Associate Professor, COMSATS University, Islamabad, and former Research Fellow at SDPI; specializes in health economics.

Dr Ayesha Siddiqua-Agha: A security studies expert, specializing in defence decision-making and civil-military relations in South Asia.

Dr Rukhsana Zia: Former Director, Directorate of Staff Development (DSD), Punjab; specializes in curriculum and management issues in education.