Dr. Shabana Haider

Member Planning and Development Board

Govt. of Punjab

Dr. Shabana Haider

Professor Stephen Trachtenberg from George Washington University quotes, “Universities are after all, wonderful magical places, and learning something new and now is the greatest of all pleasures”. With this in mind I joined the Centre for Public Policy and Governance at Forman Christian College.

With a medical degree, joining this program of Masters in Public Policy and Governance seemed inappropriate to a few but I was quite determined to make a mark and contribute in the policy sector of Punjab specifically to the Health sector which is quite neglected.

This degree was a blend of academic excellence and hand on experience, case studies, presentations and research work and that too from world-renowned teachers. The most interesting part of this degree program was the thought provoking, mind stimulating and invigorating seminars. This program also helped me sharpen my analytical and writing skills and challenged me completely to rethink the way I approach a lot of things not only in the health sector but also other sectors as well.

The fact that I tailored my degree around my interest in the policy arena has allowed me to work for great organizations. Education pays off better than any stock market or other investment and it truly proved well.

So anyone who is looking for an area of study that will teach analytical skills, critical thinking, writing and research skills with an expansive lens and needs a platform to network should definitely join this Master’s Program at Forman Christian College.

Khalida Ahson

Khalida AhsonI had some research and communications experience, primarily with local and donor development organizations as a project manager. However this degree honed the existing skill to an extent that I am doing regular research and communications consultancies with international organizations. Also, with the skill of understanding policy process and it’s implication on the public, I am able to work in any area of social development where I did not have experience e.g. informal sector, religious freedom, peace etc.

I have not done a regular job since 2006 and do both long and short term consultancies with NGOs, International organisations and the Government of Punjab.

I am working as an independent consultant in the area of social development.