Rashid Munir

contributor | Assistant Professor

Rashid Munir

Following 10 years of teaching, research and administrative experience in leading educational Institutions in Pakistan including Lahore School of Economics, COMSATS and University College Lahore, Rashid joined Forman Christian College in 2010.

Rashid is a graduate of University of Glasgow, one of the oldest universities of UK, and also attended London School of Economics and Political Science for finance oriented courses. In his capacity as an education administrator, Rashid has wide experience of working with leading international educational institutions including London School of Economics and Political Science and University of London International Programmes in the field of Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences. In addition, Rashid has hands-on experience in curriculum development in these areas.

His research interests include, International Economics, FDI, Stock Exchange Efficiency and Monetary Economics. Besides his teaching endeavours, he has also published several academic papers and attended international conferences in his areas of interest.



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