Oct 26

Past Event

#5: Religion, Secularism and Nation in Turkey

Speaker: Dr. Hamit Bozarslan

October 26, 2015

11/24/15 4:00 PM -






Dr. Hamit Bozarslan holds a PhD in history from the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences(EHESS), Paris and a PhD in Political Science from the Institute of Political Studies(IEP). Currently he is the Director of Studies at EHESS and has authored several books. Some of which are “A History of Violence in Middle East” (2008), “Political Sociology of Middle East” (2011), “History of Turkey from Empire to Our Days” (2013), Luxury and Violence. “Domination and Contestation according to Ibn Khaldun” (2014) and “Revolution and state of Violence in Middle East” (2014).

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Venue: Rt. Rev. Alexander John Malik Public Policy seminar room E-002
RSVP: Rhymer Roy
0322 4699 349