Oct 6

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Confronting Religious Extremism in China’s New Silk Web

Speaker: Dr. Charles Ramsey, Assistant Professor Religious Studies and Public Policy

October 06, 2016

10/6/16 4:00 PM - 10/6/16 6:00 PM



The Centre for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG)

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“Confronting Religious Extremism in China’s New Silk Web ”


The rise in religious extremism is highly documented but not well understood. There is a considerable literature that examines the current situation through the progression of events from the last half of the twentieth century that converges around the end of colonialism in the 1950s and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s. The most frequently cited explanations are economic and sociological. However, the specific role of religion has received far less attention and is often glossed within social scientific analysis. Strategies attempted to mitigate and reverse the tide of extremist violence have largely sought to address grievances through political and economic change. These are certainly important, however strategies will only achieve limited success unless these recognize and address the interpretative narrative that once distorted is understood to legitimate and promote “unholy terror”. Taking a historical approach, I explain that within the Muslim religious intellectual tradition there are ample resources to support a dynamic and pluralistic society. The identification and promotion of these values is essential to halting the spread of violent extremism in Central Asia where China is pursuing an expansive development strategy. I argue that this is a crucial time to promote an integrative agenda and avoid practices that occurring within Muslim communities.


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