May 26

Past Event

Internal Migration Study Report on Pakistan: The case of Punjab

Speaker: Chair: Dr. Naser Javed, CEO, Urban Unit

May 26, 2016

5/27/16 10:00 AM -


Internal migration and urbanization together is a fundamental demographic, social and economic feature of a country and have played a significant role in shaping the size and distribution of the population of Pakistan. Yet, internal migration and rapid urbanization have not received the analytical or policy attention that they deserve. This event will shed light on the policy research gap and draw attention to some of the salient characteristics of internal migration in Punjab.


10:00-10:25         Registration

10:30-10:40         Welcome Remarks, Dr. Saeed Shafqat

10:35-10:40         Introduction of the project Muqqadar Shah (a joint project by UNFPA/CPPG/MRG)

10:40-11:00         Introduction to the study Dr. Naushin Mahmood

11:00-11:20         Study findings Dr. Sabiha Syed

11:20-11:40         Comments by Country Rep. UNFPA

11:40-12:00         Remarks by Dr. Naser Javed  (CEO, Urban Unit)

12:00-12:35         Discussion/ Q&A

12:35-12:50         Vote of thanks, Dr. Saeed Shafqat


12:50                     Lunch

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