Dr. Saeed Shafqat

Professor & Director

Dr Saeed Shafqat joined FCC in 2007 as a Professor and founding Director of the Centre for Public Policy and Governance. Besides working on preparation of postgraduate academic programs in Public Policy, h...Read More

Dr. Sikandar Hayat

Distinguished Professor of History and Public Policy

Dr Sikandar Hayat is Distinguished Professor of History and Public Policy at FCCU, holding a dual appointment in the Department of History/Pakistan Studies and the Center for Public Policy and Governance, ...Read More

Raheem ul Haque

Senior Research Fellow

Raheem is co-editor of CPPG’s Quarterly Research & News journal and his research interests include informal sector, youth policy, and application of technology for development. He is currently working on a monograph titled Frame...Read More

Dr. Imdad Hussain

Assistant Professor

Imdad Hussain received Masters in Sociology from Punjab University Lahore in 2000, Masters and PhD in Public Policy from National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo in 2005 and 2010.

He has extensively investigated Isla...Read More

Dr. Raja M. Ali Saleem

Dr. Raja M. Ali Saleem, a former civil servant, has degrees from four reputable universities and has more than twenty years of diverse experience.

Dr. Saleem did h...Read More

Dr. Charles M. Ramsey

Assistant Professor of Religion and Public Policy

Charles M. Ramsey is dually appointment as Assistant Professor of Religion and Public Policy.  He holds a PhD in Islamic Studies (University of Birmingham, UK), a MA in t...Read More

Saba Shahid

Research Associate

Saba Shahid graduated with an MSc degree in Local Economic Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and h...Read More