Program Highlights

Besides receiving rigorous academic training, students would also be exposed to the practical side of policy making. Over the years the CPPG has institutionalized its net working with eminent national and international scholars and policy makers who hail from different government departments, NGOs, consultancies, think tanks or businesses and are invited as guest speakers. The CPPG Seminar and Policy Dialogues Series offer a mix of both practitioner and academics who discuss their work. Seminar series and policy dialogues at the CPPG demonstrate our continued commitment to research that engages and interacts with the academia and broader policy-making community.

FCC has a strong and evolving base of social sciences departments that enable students to supplement their education. The CPPG has the distinction of holding and encouraging duel appointments across disciplines and departments. In that spirit the program would design and encourage cross-listing of courses with other social sciences graduate programs at the FCC.  The CPPG also has Adjunct/Visiting Faculty from retired and serving civil servants. More importantly, the CCPG has recently created its own FCC Public Policy Research and Resource Centre, which has Library and virtual space facility. At this point we are in the process of building archives and documentation through digitization.