Program Structure and Curriculum

The CPPG proposes to offer eight Core courses (615-622); however, only four would be required depending upon the availability of expert faculty. The CPPG proposes to offer 2 Core courses in the first Semester and the other 2 in the Second Semester.

In Each area of their choosing/Specialization the students would be required to complete at least 3 courses. They will have the choice of selecting one course from an area of other than their opted specialization. Besides, submitting MPhil Thesis entailing original research on the topic of their selection, the students would be required to complete a total of eight courses consisting of 3 credit hours each.  The course work has to be completed in one year. M Phil thesis will have 6 credit hours. Hence the two year program consists of 30 credit hours. However, for the submission of thesis with the approval of the Supervisor along with the consent of the Director and also subject to the approval of the Advanced Board of Studies, the student could be given an extension of one more year for completion of his/her thesis. The MPhil program shall not extend beyond three years.