Student’s Quarterly : Research and News – Volume 53 Number 1

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From the Director’s Desk

It gives me pleasure to share with you that since 2008, we have been publishing the Quarterly Research & News magazine. Raheem ul Haque has been the dynamic team leader ably assisted by Saba Shahid, since 2016 while, I have played only the supervisory role. Over the years Quarterly has performed a very useful function of sharing the Centre’s activities and views of our guest speakers, while occasionally publishing research articles, policy briefs and consultative dialogue reports.

Now, the CPPG faculty is ready to launch a policy research journal, regularize its Monograph series, and enhance the quality and contents of policy briefs and discussion papers. Therefore, we have decided that from this year the CPPG students will take charge of the Quarterly. In that spirit the current issue is edited and managed by the student editorial team comprising Neha Malik, Neesa Abbas and Mansoor Nahra, and supervised by Saba Shahid and Raheem ul Haque, both of whom have done an excellent job in advising and navigating this student-led initiative.

I want to underscore that this is a student-led initiative and reflects the vigor, dedication and a sense of purpose of the CPPG’s MPhil students. In the coming months/years the Executive Masters and the PhD students will also join enthusiastically and contribute towards making the Quarterly a flag-bearer of students’ voice and research. The faculty supervisor’s role is to advise and oversee that Quarterly becomes a torchbearer to promote a culture of research, deliberation and tolerance of opposing views in an academic environment, where student’s views and voices are respected. We hope that through this venture, the students of the CPPG will become the backbone of the FCC research community, enabling the faculty to consolidate the Think Tank functions of the CPPG. Please join me in congratulating the Quarterly’s editorial team for making a daring new beginning. Any comments and critical feedback is welcome and will give the editorial team and contributors a sense of confidence.


From the Director’s Desk 2
> What is wrong with the Single National Curriculum? 3
> The Rise of Modi in Indian Politics 7
> Pakistan’s Period Poverty 11
> Theatre Art Ventures in Lahore Amidst the Pandemic 14
> Political Stability in Afghanistan & Emerging Regional Alliances 16
Thesis Papers
> The Dilemma of Dealing with Terrorism in Cyberspace and
Peoples Digital Rights: A Case Study of Pakistan 23
> Media’s Role in Conflict Resolution: Framing of Government-TTP
Dialogue in the Editorials of English and Urdu Newspapers 29
> Managing Durand Line: Stakeholder Perspectives 35
In Conversation With
> Mr. Danish Zakir, Deputy Secretary Services, Sindh 42
CPPG Events Overview
> Why Think Tanks Matter: A Virtual Forum 44
> The CPEC’s impact on Pakistan’s Cultural Hybridization
through Media 45
> Evidence Based Policymaking during Covid 46
> Contestations of Pakistani National Identity 46
Reviews and Recommendations
> Book Review: Circular History of Pakistan 48
> Book Recommendation: World on Fire 50
Student and Alumni News
> Student News 51
> Alumni News 52
Faculty & Staff 54
Contact Us 54

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