CPPG’s Training Module for the 34th Specialized MCMC at PAS, CSA

October 31, 2022

The Centre for Public Policy and Governance was invited by the Pakistan Administrative Service, Civil Services Academy to conduct a research module for their 4th Specialized Mid Career Management Course (MCMC).
This is the second round of training the CPPG has provided to PAS officers at the CSA, the first being a module for the 3rd Specialized MCMC.
The short training module by CPPG focused on developing an ‘intervention proposal concept note’. The purpose of this exercise was to familiarize the PAS officers with the elements and factors that should be considered while planning a policy intervention in the field. A frequent criticism the bureaucracy in Pakistan faces is that the projects implemented are not sustainable, are not contextualized and are unable to address local needs. The aim of this module was to encourage the officers to reassess project development methods and to develop skills for effective project proposal design and its implementation.
Building on international best practices on policy design, the training module aimed to equip the officers with a toolbox of analytical skills and research methodologies that can be used as a framework during the course of their careers.
With the approval of the Director, three groups were formed as part of the module with CPPG faculty acting as supervisors.
As part of the government’s commitment to support the Living Indus Initiative, the three groups focused on the following thematic topics:
Group 1: Supervised by Dr. Rovidad Khan and Ms. Sahar Haq: ‘Zero Plastic Waste Cities along the Indus River: Inducing Segregation of Plastic Waste Through Behavioral Change Interventions in Students at Primary and Elementary School Level in Faisalabad City’
Group 2: Supervised by Mr. Raheem ul Haque and Dr. Abdullah Khoso: ‘Lahore’s Industrial and Urban Effluents Discharge into Ravi River: Gaps, Issues, and Way Forward’
Group 3: Supervised by Ms. Saba Shahid: ‘Developing an Integrated Nature Trail in Attock Khurd, A Project Intervention Proposal under the Living Indus Initiative’