“CPPG research facilities

contribute towards the Centre’s

broad goals of providing a research

environment for students, generating evidence based

research and lastly thepromotion of research culture.”

Saeed Shafqat Resource Centre for Public

Policy and Governance

The Resource Centre provides a quaint academic environment away from the buzz of academic block and regular classes. It is a self-encompassing unit for the purposes of research and is equipped with a public policy library inclusive of a digital library, research rooms with workstations for MPhil & PhD scholars, a meeting room and lastly the Digitisation Initiative.
The Resource Centre aspires to serve as a resource hub for the public policy research community including academia, policy analysts, public officials, development consultants, entrepreneurs and students in Pakistan.


Research Facilities

CPPG is probably the only policy institution in the country with dedicated research facilities for its students. The Saeed Shafqat Public Policy Resource Centre houses a library with dedicated librarian and support staff to facilitate student research, indoor and outdoor space for students, a meeting room, and dedicated cubes for PhD scholars. CPPG also boasts a state of the art facility for seminars and policy dialogues, a computer lab, and a student lounge. In addition, CPPG students can use all other FCC research facilities.