Social Welfare Department: Provincial Face of Interaction and Regulation of NGOs

29 September,2016

- 31 December,2017


Project objectives:
To review, assess and improve the role, function and capacity of Social Welfare Department (SWD), Punjab in the context of 18th Amendment and in light of the new INGO Policy by:

Conducting an Institutional Assessment of the department; and Undertaking a comprehensive capacity building exercise of the departments’ officials as well as representatives of NGOs that are linked with the department and have worked directly with INGOs.

Key Milestones:
– Institutional Assessment of Social Welfare Department (SWD), Government of the Punjab

– Develop Training Manuals for training of the SWD officials and NGOs’ representatives

– Conduct Training of SWD officials and NGOs’ representatives

Grant Partner

Social Welfare Department


Project Team