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Executive MA Class of 2021

Ashab was part of the delegation of Future Team Pakistan (FTP). He attended different workshops on youth competence and empowerment at EurAsia Global Youth Forum 2021. He was the only delegate from Pakistan and presented on The Role of Human Potential (Career-SkillsInstitutes And Job Market) at the forum’s closing.

Experience at CPPG

“Looking back at the time, I see that there was a lot of help from my institution and mentors in grooming me for this time. Of course, if it were not for CPPG, I would not have been able to get here, and for that, I would be forever indebted to them. The informative courses enabled me to perform on a higher level at the EurAsia Global Youth Forum, 2021, Russia, on various discussions and were the reason I was one of the standouts in a forum that had no less than seventy-seven other country’s delegates. In my personal experience, Russia and Pakistan have much in common, with similar levels of hospitality, struggles in life, a traditional and cultural approach in the society and similar expectations of the youth. Their main problems include quality education, quality of life, mental health, lack of interest in climate change, sexism, unemployment, the gap between genders due to World War II, and environmental protection in Russia and Europe. When it comes to quality of life, young people are eager for financial independence, but they acquire it much later due to problems with finding a job. Many are hired through connections and even if they find a job they are not registered according to the requirements. They do not have enough free time, and a great deal of work is handed to them because they are “new and youthful”. Also, there are no job opportunities for youth in rural areas or small cities. That’s why nearly everyone moves to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, or other big cities. The issues were discussed openly at the forum by the delegates from Russia and 77 other countries that come under EurAsia (Europe-Asia). The solutions discussed included the importance to have unity among the youth from around the world in raising their voices and giving a wake-up call to their governments, the ones in authority, and the ones who can bring about change. It also was discussed that awareness is the key to every problem as awareness brings understanding, and understanding brings change. The Russian youth’s openness with delegates, as well as their desire to interact with and learn from them, was particularly inspiring, as it demonstrated Russia’s gradual evolution toward inclusivity. One thing is for sure the youth is eager for change, they are ready to fight for their rights, they look to the future with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, although it is not easy at all.”

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