On 22nd September 2022, the Centre for Public Policy and Governance at Forman
Christian College, Lahore launched its recent publication “China-Pakistan Relations
in the Twenty-First Century” authored by Ayesha Siddique. Mr. Zhao Shiren, Consul
General, Chinese Consulate in Lahore, was invited as the Chief Guest and
Distinguished Speaker for the event. At the book launch event, Mr. Zhao Shiren,
announced an Academic Scholarship Award of Rs. 100,000 for Ayesha Siddique,
and a Grant worth Rs. 400,000 for the Centre for Public Policy and Governance
The event started with Dr. Saeed Shafqat, Professor and Founding Director CPPG
making the opening remarks, followed by a welcome address by Dr. Jonathan
Addleton, Rector, Forman Christian College. This was followed by a brief
presentation by Ayesha Siddique. The launch event was attended by Ms. Erfa Iqbal,
doctoral student at ISSCAD, Peking University, Beijing, China and currently
Commissioner Inland Revenue, and previously, Commercial Counsellor at the
Embassy of Pakistan, Beijing, who shared her insightful views and explained how
the CPEC can be a development opportunity for Pakistan if worked on effectively
and designed keeping in mind Pakistan’s growth and development priorities. The
event was also attended by faculty members from FCCU, private professionals
working with Chinese businesses, and students of CPPG. The event concluded with
an address by the Chief Guest, Mr. Zhao Shiren who spoke about the long-term
relationship Pakistan and China share. He emphasized that China seeks to achieve
peace through development with its partner nations and works through models of
win-win outcomes. He expressed his delight and appreciation for the book that
provides useful analysis on the ways in which Pakistan and China are engaging with
each other for technological, educational, cultural and economic benefits.

About the author:
Ayesha Siddique’s research focuses on contemporary China. She graduated from
the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in 2016, majoring in
Accounting and Finance and minoring in Political Science. She completed her MPhil
in Public Policy in 2019 from CPPG, where she was a recipient of the Forman Merit
Scholarship and, upon graduation, awarded the Postgraduate Medal. Alongside her
academic and research work, she likes to volunteer her time to help and support
those in need.