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CPPG faculty and students had an informative training workshop in Urban Unit to learn the GIS, Data Analytics, and its applications. The training incorporation defines the capacity and technological resources of GIS to integrate, store, analyse, share and display geographical information for decision making. The process of decision-making involves various stakeholders from different departments of government and the private. GIS has evolved and gained immense significance in the technological world by connecting various geographical features in one frame.

Through this experience, the MPhil students got a chance to interact with public officials and understand the practitioner’s news about policymaking in the country, particularly the importance of data collection, timely upgrading of data, and evidence-based decision-making. The importance of relying on available technological resources was also stressed, as these allow for an accurate and reliable policy design process. By the end of the training, we were able to identify features of the Google Map pro system and how data is utilized by institutions for their analysis.Students engaged in a lively discussion on novel ways to approach policy problems and felt they had a wider perspective on how to choose thesis topics. The session ended on a high note where students were given certificates for their participation.

“Our visit to the Urban unit was extensively informative. We got to know about the colossal world of GIS and data analytics. The training revolved around providing us the required facts and figures so that we understand how GIS works and how its impacts everyone around us. Our trainers were well knowledgeable with strong command over the domain. The usage of GIS in the modern world has increased manifold as almost every public and private entity requires it these days. The extensive data collection that has been done under GIS was very new for us. Overall, our visit to the Urban unit was very pleasant and indeed a great learning experience.”- Maida Saqib Butt


“ We were invited to the Urban Unit for a training workshop on GIS, Data Analytics and its Applications. The training was incorporation of defining capacity and technological resources of GIS to analyse, share and display geographical information for decision making. Through this training workshop, we were able to learn the significance of GIS in the modern  world. GIS systems are required in every public and private sector as it brings down various geographical features in one frame. Ms. Urooj Saeed briefly explained and introduced different features of GIS and Google Map pro which are beneficial for collecting data in different sectors. Importance of technological resources was stressed upon for accurate and refined information. Indeed, our visit to Urban Unit proved to be beneficial and students learned new techniques and features  Google map pro. It was a pleasant and unique experience overall.”- Roha Suhail Qureshi

Event covered by Mansoor Ahmad and Roha Suhail Qureshi.

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