Human Rights, International Law, and Implications for Future Generations


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Dec 12, 2023 - 4:00 pm |

Dec 12, 2023 - 6:00 pm

Emilie Gaillard


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On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, the Centre for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG) hosted a  seminar, delving into the intricate interplay among human rights, international law, and the consequences of climate change, with a focus on their implications for future generations. Professor Emilie Gaillard, a renowned  French scholar and expert in the rights of future generations, was the  distinguished guest speaker.

Professor Emilie in her opening remarks shared how the seminar unfolded with a thorough exploration of the interconnectedness between Human Rights, Climate Change, and the well-being of Future Generations. It delved into the critical significance of respecting present human rights, such as life, health, and a clean environment, emphasizing their crucial role in shaping the prosperous future of subsequent generations. The discussions emphasized how violations of these rights today carry long-lasting consequences, resonating across time to impact the well-being and rights of those yet to come.

International Law and the Protection of Future Generations emerged as a central theme, involving a meticulous analysis of existing legal frameworks like the Rio Declaration and the Paris Agreement. The seminar identified provisions within these frameworks that indirectly safeguard the well-being of future generations, prompting contemplation on the potential for fortifying these frameworks to better serve the needs of generations to come.

Delving into The Rights of Future Generations, Professor Gaillard  explored arguments advocating for the explicit recognition of these rights in international law. It considered legal mechanisms such as an ombudsperson or inclusion in environmental impact assessments, addressing the challenges and opportunities inherent in achieving this crucial recognition. She  emphasized the ethical responsibility of the current generation to safeguard the rights of future generations, recognizing them as key stakeholders in the global dialogue on sustainability.

Action and Advocacy took Center stage, with discussions on the indispensable role of youth movements, civil society organizations, and policymakers in advancing climate action and ensuring intergenerational equity. Practical strategies for mitigating the impact of climate change, promoting sustainable development, and transitioning to renewable energy sources were explored, all with a keen eye on securing a future that upholds the rights and well-being of generations yet unborn.

The seminar  provided a comprehensive and critical analysis of the intricate intersection between human rights, international law, climate change, and the well-being of future generations.  Professor Gaillard’s groundbreaking work evoked questions from the participants that led to a stimulating discussion about legal and ethical approaches to secure a sustainable future for all.

Dr. Shafqat, who moderated the event, thanked the guest speaker for an innovative and intellectually stimulating presentation . He remarked it was enlightening event that deepened our understanding of the complex relationships shaping our shared future, and Profesor Gaillard has raised our awareness about  the responsibilities that we bear toward future generations.