Dr. M. Rovidad

Assistant Professor

Forman Christian College Lahore 54700

042-99231581-88 Ext. 698



Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. Phil)

Master of Sciences (Hon) in Agri & Applied Economics

Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) Agri-Economics

Research Projects:

No Projects.

Research Areas:

International Development



Women’s Empowerment

Economic Development



Dr. Rovidad is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG) at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), having joined in August 2022. Holding a Ph.D. in International Development from the University of Vienna, Austria, his doctoral research concentrated on the Socio-Economic Consequences of Microfinance investment in Pakistan. Dr. Rovidad extensively analyzed the role of small and medium enterprises in poverty alleviation and income redistribution in Central Punjab, while critically evaluating the impact of the prevailing feudal structure on rising inequalities and poverty across Southern Punjab. His teaching journey began as a teaching assistant at the University of Vienna, expanding to various courses such as International Political Economy, Development Economics, Issues in Pakistan’s Economy, Globalization and Development, and Research Methodology upon returning to Pakistan. Dr. Rovidad holds HEC Approved Supervision and completed the National Faculty Development Program under the National Academy for Higher Education (NAHE) in 2020. With a portfolio of publications spanning national and international journals, he explores themes of socioeconomic development, distributional issues, poverty reduction, education, and ethnonationalism. Currently teaching Research Methodology, Economics and Public Policy, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and Introduction to Economics, Statistics, and Accounting, Dr. Rovidad also serves as an advisor in Domain-Specific MCMC at the Civil Services Academy PAS campus. His ongoing research interests include the role of Microenterprises as Social Safety Nets in poverty reduction and income distribution, along with the prevalence of the Drug Economy in the Pak-Afghan border region. Dr. Rovidad’s dedication lies in unraveling complex societal challenges and contributing to informed policy solutions, reflecting his commitment to shaping the future of public policy and governance.

Courses Taught

International Political Economy,

Development Economics,

Economic Growth,

Globalization and  Development,

Research Methodology,

Introduction to Economics,

Statistics and Accounting,

Economics & Public Policy,

Cost-Benefit Analysis

CPPG Publications

No Publications.

External Publications


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Podcast Interview

AAL_13_Alumni AudioLab with Rovidad https://oead.at/en/news/article/2018/06/aal-13-alumni-audiolab-with- rovidad

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