Syed Wasif Azim

Assistant Professor and Senior research fellow

FC College, Lahore

+92 (0)4239231581-88 Ext. 388


PhD in Political Science

MA in Political Science

B. Ed Education

BA in Law and Political Science

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Biography Syed Wasif Azim is currently working as an Assistant Professor and Senior Research fellow in the Centre for public Policy and governance at FC College Lahore. He holds a PhD in political Science from the University of Peshawar (funded by the government of Pakistan) and a Post doctorate from the department of Political Science university of Innsbruck, Austria (Funded by the government of Austria). He has been visiting research fellow in 2017 at the South Asia Center, university of Washington, Seattle (funded y the government of Pakistan). His MA Political Science research explores the socio-cultural and religious impediments to women political participation in Peshawar, Pakistan. His PhD dissertation explores the intersection of ethnicity, national identity, religion and violent conflict of militants and military in Swat, Pakistan. His post PhD work explores the gender dimensions of identity and violent conflict in Swat, Pakistan. His current work explores gender and elections in Pakistan with a focus on women and Transgender candidates in general elections of Pakistan. Wasif has published Research articles, book chapters and conference proceedings in indexed journals. His research interests are Gender, violent conflict, militancy, identity, and Elections.



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External Publications

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