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(Class of 2017-2019)

Iffrah Khalid is lecturer at the University of Lahore.

“Doing my bachelors in Economics and later joining CPPG’s MPhil Public Policy program was a complete roller coaster ride. I kept questioning myself again and again if this program will be worth it. I can say today gladly that it was worth it. What I am today, I own it to CPPG. CPPG provided me with the exposure I needed to get ahead in my career. The discussion-based courses opened my eyes to new perspectives and broadened my approach towards policymaking and its implementation. We were taught how government policies are put into action in order to fully analyze policies and programs. And the research skills that I acquired from CPPG have been a great help in my academic career. I specifically got a grip on qualitative analysis along with policy analysis, program evaluation and management. My leadership and analytical skills have strengthened, preparing me for working at public organizations. The faculty members and class fellows from diverse fields and backgrounds further added to a great learning experience. Today, I not only have the knowledge but the skills as well to materialize this degree. I got the opportunity to build my professional network and learn from well-established academia and faculty.”

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