Research Topic : Peace & Conflict Resolution


CPPG will assist a total of twelve M. Phil level students, six each year for two consecutive years, whose thesis topic falls within the domains of broad Peace and Conflict Studies including conflict analysis, conflict management and mitigation, drivers of conflict, radicalization and violent extremism. These students will be provided both a research grant for field work as well as technical supervision in addition to their designation university supervisor. After short listing and selecting the candidates taking into account both geographic and gender diversity, they will be supported through a three day workshop comprising of Research Methods, and one-on-one meeting with an assigned supervisor, to be concluded with presentations where invited faculty would provide further feedback. Over the course of the year, the selected scholars will be expected to correspond with their assigned supervisor at least once a month and asked to submit a short field research report at the end of six months. Scholars will be expected to present their thesis at the end of nine months for feedback and final thesis after 11 months. Scholars are expected to submit their final thesis as well as a short thesis paper.

Grant Partner : United States Institute for Peace (USIP)

Publications of that project : Politics of Governance: Reforms in South Waziristan Agency

Project Start Date : 1-Jul-16
Project End Date : 30-Jul-18

Project Team: 

Dr. Saeed Shafqat, Project Director
Raheem ul Haque, Project Coordinator