Meeting with Reed J. Aeschliman, USAID Mission Director

September 23, 2022

CPPG hosted a meeting with Reed J. Aeschliman, USAID Mission Director at the Saeed Shafqat Resource Centre for Public Policy & Governance (FCC) on 16 September 2022. Dr. Saeed Shafqat, Founder CPPG led the meeting discussion on the upcoming strategy of the USAID Mission to Pakistan and the research areas of focus, for both USAID and CPPG. Dr. Douglas Trimble, Vice Rector and Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik, Post Graduate Dean also attended the meeting.
Research interests of USAID & CPPG were discussed. The successes and challenges of the 18th Amendment, along with the function of the bureaucracy during the current flooding emergency in Pakistan were central to the discourse. CPPG faculty and the research team members participated in the meeting and provided the USAID team members with policy briefs and research reports undertaken by the Centre. CPPG looks forward to future collaboration with USAID.