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(Class of  2015-2017)

Muhammad Bilal is currently serving as Excise & Taxation Inspector.

“I’m a taxman. I started my career in 2014 as an Excise & Taxation Inspector. After a year of job experience I decided to proceed further and improve my academic base. I must say I was lucky enough to get admission in the CPPG MPhil program. This MPhil program entirely changed my thinking pattern more specifically baseline criteria to analyze others position while dealing and interacting with them. I switched my job from Provincial government to Federal in 2018, with an aim to put my best and contribute to the national arena with all of my positive energies. 

I have been part of the FBR team who are training and conducting workshops for various Federal, Provincial and Local Governments Department regarding Proper Taxation and its benefits thereon. Definitely CPPG was a launching pad of my career towards prosperity with a positive attitude.”

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