Building Cultural Vibrancy Through Performing Arts

July 18, 2023

Dialogue Report

Dr. Saeed Shafqat, M. Maboob Alam Chaudhary, Dr. Abdullah Khoso, Shahwar Asif

The Centre for public policy and Governance (CPPG), in collaboration
with the Punjab Council of the Arts (PUCAR), organized a policy
dialogue on “Building Cultural Vibrancy through Performing Arts” on
June 8, 2023. The objective of the policy dialogue was to assess the
facilitation provided by the Government of Punjab (GoP) to the theatre
and music communities. The dialogue aimed to generate practical and
actionable recommendations to make Punjab’s culture more vibrant and
sustainable. It sought to address the immediate needs of artists by
generating ideas to attract private investment. The purpose of this
discussion was to develop a multi-year plan to raise the level of
performing arts in the province. Additionally, strategies to promote local
theatre art and music internationally were discussed, and the need for
better monitoring and evaluation was recognized. The discussion
resulted in improved awareness of theatre and music and provided a
networking opportunity to the participants.