Issue 4 – 2009 Special Issue on Population

January 26, 2009


Dr. Saeed Shafqat, Raheem ul Haque

Editor's Massege

Demographic Change particularly shifting Age Structures is pivotal for understanding socio-political aspects influencing growth and development. With 69% of its population under the age of 29 years, Pakistan has a tremendous opportunity only if major investments are made in our youth and citizens, otherwise the same youth could be the most serious threat to itself, society and the state. This demographic trend demands that population be recognized as a core national issue and budgetary priorities reoriented from defense & security to population welfare & investment in our youth for securing Pakistan’s future.

Table of Contents

Seminar Series
> Demography, Security and Governance: Implications and Future Directions for Pakistan
Population Conference
> Ninth Annual Research Conference of Population Association of Pakistan: A Brief Overview
> Population Age Structures and their Links to Civil Conflicts and the Environment
> Migration and Security: Context, Issues and People Trafficking
> Urban Growth, Environment and Security
> Population and Food Security Linkages
> Repositioning Family Planning as a Health Intervention
> Population and Health Policy Data for Policy Making
> Education, Skill and Employment Challenges for Youth: Security Dimensions
> Finding Solutions to Human Resource Crises for Health
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