January 24, 2015

Position Paper

Abeeha Islam & Dr.Rabia Chaudhry

This paper is a compilation of the themes of position papers on: (i) Governance and Management; (ii) Transport; (iii) Water, Sewerage, and Solid Waste; (iv) Real Estate Markets; and, (v) Trade. A team of consultants/researchers drafted these position papers in consultation with the Core Working Group. All consultants/researchers conducted documentary and field researches to finalize papers assigned to them. The process of compilation was actually started while the five position papers were being drafted by the consultants/researchers. All of the researchers would meet twice a month to share their findings with each other. In these discussions, themes common to all of the five position papers would be identified and discussed. The purposes of these meetings were: (i) to develop a consolidated vision for the development of Lahore; and, (ii) to design a strategy for achieving the vision for Lahore’s development.