QUARTERLY Issue 14 &15 – 2011

May 3, 2011


Dr. Saeed Shafqat , Raheem ul Haque

From the Director’s Desk

This is yet another double issue of the Quarterly. Thus far this has been a very productive and engaging year for the CPPG. Productive for three reasons; first, we published a Special Number on Pakistan and Afghanistan, which has been very well received by the academic and policy community; second, the Punjab Government approved and awarded record number of (11) fellowships for the officers of Punjab Government to compete and seek admission in our Executive Masters in Public Policy program, we applaud that and support the continuation of this policy. Public sector capacity building and human resource development remains one of the cherished goals of our program; third, the CPPG has launched its Monograph Series and two such publications are in the pipeline. The CPPG continues to grow as one of the most engaging and vibrant academic and policy dialogue platforms in the city of Lahore, the contents, range of topics and the quality and diversity of speakers testify to that. I remain indebted to my colleagues at the CPPG, whose dedication and support have contributed enormously in enriching the scale, scope and diversity of our Seminar and Policy Dialogues. We have begun to deliberate on how to turn Quarterly into a Journal? As always, we look forward to our readers/participants’ comments for any further improvements in our program and activities.

Table of Contents
Research Article: Aashiana Housing Project
Seminar Series
> Is Islamization Persisting in Pakistani Education? An Institutional Analysis
> Community of the Marginalized: A State of Pakistani Christians
> From Protests to Poetry: Contesting Sectarianism in Northern Pakistan
> Reflections: On the Changing Role and Dynamics of Media in Pakistan
> Retaliation or Aggression? Gaza as a Recent Milestone in the Palestine Question
Industrial Policy in Punjab: A Case Study of Sundar Industrial Estate
Review Article
> The Voice of the People
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