QUARTERLY Issue 16 &18 – 2012 Special Issue : 5 Years of CPPG

July 3, 2022


Dr. Saeed Shafqat, Raheem ul Haque

From the Director’s Desk


The Centre for Public Policy and Governance is five years old and it seems likeyesterday! This is a moment of reflection- where are we and where do we want to go? During this time period we have organized over 50 seminars, 10 policy dialogues, three trainings and one international conference. Executive Master’s in Public Policy was launched in 2009 and so far 21 students have raduated and another 12 would be graduating this year. Earlier this year, I was invited by the College of Wooster, as Visiting Professor for the spring semester. It has been a rewarding experience and my expectation and effort now is to institutionalize it into an exchange program. Personally, I am indebted to Dr. Peter Armacost, the then Rector FC College for allowing me to accept the offer and Dr. Grant Cornwell President, the College of Wooster and the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) for making it happen.

I remain thankful to my colleagues at the CPPG, whose dedication and support have contributed enormously in enriching the scale, scope and diversity of our activities. This, along with the support of our new Rector, Dr. James Tebbe, now we are poised to develop into a Resource Centre and a Think Tank. This Quarterly is a 5 Year Special Number with two solicited and peer reviewed articles, one by a brilliant Wooster graduate. Its volume, and range of topics covered is an indicator of where we are headed. As always, we look forward to our readers/participants comments for any further improvements in our program and activities.

Table of Contents

Especially Invited Papers
> Ageing: Gender, Social Class and Health in Pakistan
> Re-Imagining Identity and Nation in South Asian Diaspora Fiction
Seminar Series
> Reforming Regulatory Framework for Economic Growth: A Case Study of Agriculture Marketing
> Livestock Development: A New Public Management Approach – Application and Challenges
> Managing Successful Farming in Pakistan: Experimentation and Innovation
> Challenges of Leadership in Public Service: Global Experience and Lessons for Pakistan
> Assessing Judicial Activism in Pakistan
> Higher Education Policy
Review Article
> Reforming Pakistani Police
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