QUARTERLY Issue 19 & 20 – 2013

January 4, 2013


Dr. Saeed Shafqat , Dr. Saeed Shafqat

From the Director’s Desk

For the past three years at the CPPG, we have been debating to convert the Quarterly into a journal. But we also feel that its current format though demanding is robust. At the same time, we have been trying to evaluate our seminars, policy dialogues, in which national and international scholars are invited to share their research and express their views on issues and explore policy choices that confront Pakistan, across the region and globally. This issue is a backlog of our seminars and policy dialogues; during the years 2011 -12, the CPPG had the honor of hosting eminent national and international scholars who shared their ideas with the CPPG participants on matters related to critical issues; nuclear weapons and their safety, Indo-Pakistan relations, US- Pakistan relations, urbanization challenges, the relevance of French public service for Pakistan, colonial rule and its impact on Punjab—the range and choice of topics are vibrant, live and relevant not only with reference to the past, or present but for future generations. In addition, we have been consistently trying to enhance the journal potential of the Quarterly, by soliciting research articles. In this issue we have two peer reviewed papers, which clearly shows that the CPPG is strenuously trying to break the disciplinary boundaries in social sciences and also reach out and cut across humanities and literature. Further, as our two person editorial team’s task has become more demanding, it gives me pleasure to induct Ms. Hajra Zafar as a new member of the editorial board. As always, we look forward to your views, suggestions, comments in improving and re-designing the multi-disciplinary posture of the Quarterly.

Table of Contents

Is Linguistic Culture Deep Rooted in Language Policy?
Changing Trends in the Lifestyle of Pakistani Urban Youth: Glimpses
from Lahore
Seminar Series
> The Tradition and Practice of French Public Services
> Pakistan India & US relations: Future Directions
> Emerging India and Asia’s New Dynamics
> Changing Dynamics of US–Pakistan Relations: Bad marriage No Divorce
> Public Policies for an Urban Pakistan
> Crisis of Authority, Crisis of Islam
> Punjabi Soldiers in the World Wars: Militarization and Diasporic Citizenship
Urdu Works of Dr. Charles W. Forman
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Faculty & Staff
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