QUARTERLY Issue 21&23 – 2013. Special Issue on Energy Crises and Policy

October 4, 2013


Dr. Saeed Shafqat , Raheem ul Haque

Editorial Note

The Centre for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG) has been organizing seminars and policy dialogues on the deepening energy crisis in Pakistan for the past two years. We believe that by hosting these seminars, policy dialogues and by inviting and engaging public officials and other stakeholders, we have contributed in raising level of awareness on the various dimensions of energy problems in Pakistan. We hope that deliberations on energy issues raised in our Quarterly, will serve as an advocacy tool for all those who aim to see improvements in energy sector. This Special Issue is of immense value as it offers perspectives of public officials, energy experts, civil society activists, media, business and concerned citizens. The PML-N government has announced the National Power Policy 2013. However, the real test would be how this policy is implemented and enforced. CPPG is contributing by sharing an analysis of the NPP 2013 to help improve its content quality and implementation processes. We invite you to join us in improving the governance and delivery of services in the energy sector by carefiilly assessing, examining and ensuring the implementation of the NPP 2013. As always we welcome any critique, comments and recommendations for improving the quality and content of our Quarterly.

Table of Contents

Assessing’ National Power Policy 2013
Seminar Series
> Institutional Bottlenecks & Management Issues in Energy Sector
> Regulatory Framework of the Power Sector
> Testing Times for Pakistan’s Energy Sector
> Power Politics in Pakistan: Past Mistakes and the Way Forward for Energy Security
> Resolving Electricity Crisis in Pakistan: What Punjab Can Do?
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