QUARTERLY Issue 24 & 26 – 2014

July 4, 2014


Dr. Saeed Shafqat , Raheem ul Haque

Message from the Editor

For the past few years, CPPG has been actively engaging scholars visiting Pakistan and South Asia. On occasions, we have made concerted effort to facilitate those who desire to have a better understanding of our country or have particular interest in its history, politics and culture. Two such scholars are Dr. Adam Webb, Resident Associate Professor of Political Science at the Johns Hopkins Nanjing Centre, China and Dr. Francis Robinson, Sultan of Oman Fellow, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford, who have both visited our Centre more than once and each time the themes they have chosen for their discourse have roused stimulating discussion. We remain deeply appreciative of these scholars for accepting our invitation. Simultaneously, we have encouraged and invited doctoral candidates and emerging scholars in social sciences and humanities to share their research in the CPPG Seminar Series. This spirit of academic engagement, deliberation and knowledge sharing has helped CPPG emerge as a platform and venue of choice for academic and policy conversation.

Table of Contents

Seminar Series
> Global Growth to 2050: Demographic Trends and the New World Order
> Pakistan: Identity, Ethnicity and Prospects of Seraiki Suba
> Jangal Vich Mangal (Joy in the Wilderness): Millenial Irrigation and the Colonial Infrastructure as Gift
> Global History from an Islamic Angle
> Hydro politics of the Indus Waters Treaty: Baglihar and Beyond
> The Political Economy of Indus Waters
> Middle East in Transition: An American Perspective
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