Swept Aside A Story of Christian Sweepers in Lahore

May 6, 2024


Dr. Ayra Indrias Patras

Swept Aside A Story of Christian Sweepers in Lahore

Dr. Ayra Indrias Patras, a CPPG Alumni and Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Forman Christian College, was invited to discuss her book Swept Aside A Story of Christian Sweepers in Lahore (Lahore: Folio, 2023) on February 20, 2023. She was joined by two discussants: Neelam Hussain, an educationist and researcher, and Dr. Asad ur Rehman, an Assistant Professor at Forman Christian College. Introducing her book, Patras shared that it has already been substantiated in existing literature that religious minorities in Pakistan have been marginalized on a social, political, and economic level. Her book further investigates the intersection between caste, class, gender and religion under the broad rubric of Subaltern Studies, which identify colonial populations that are socially, politically and economically excluded from the hierarchy of power. She highlighted the historical structures and forces that have shaped Christian communities as religious minorities and subdued class communities. More so, she argued that there was stigmatization within the Christian communities as well, based on existing class divisions and other contours which highlighted the need for researching this topic. Through her research, she has brought forward the voices of those who navigate through this uneven terrain eclipsed by various strands of marginality, and social and class divisions.