Training Needs Assessment for Master’s Level Policy Programs

December 11, 2009


Dr. Saeed Shafqat


The research report aims to understand faculty training needs within the academic and institutional domain. It begins by exploring the definitional context of policy relevant terms, followed an analysis of international world class programs and Pakistani academics elaboration of policy instruction’s objectives and vision. Following an exploration of policy relevant programs across the country, the report gets deeper into faculty training needs issues and concludes with the findings and recommendations of the study.

  • The first section explores the conceptual framework of Public Policy, Public Administration and Governance. It provides a definitional context to the terms.
  • The second section analyzes the philosophy, program structure and curriculum of world class universities to get a better understanding of the educational practices of these disciplines.
  • The third section presents a brief discussion on Public Policy, Administration and Governance Instruction. It highlights the issues and debate among academics regarding policy relevant instruction in Pakistan.
  • The fourth section explores the current status of policy programs in Pakistan. It explores the philosophy, program structure, curriculum, faculty and administrative capacity of Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance programs in the country.
  • Based on the information and analysis of earlier sections, the fifth section further explores in detail the Faculty Training and Institutional Capacity Building Needs.
  • The last section provides in brief the Findings and Recommendations of the research.
  • The Appendices include the Abbreviations used, the list of Tables and the Survey Questionnaire.