Purchase Office

The Purchase Office is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services for the University. It assists various departments and offices in the University in this regard and guides them on selection of the right vendors or service providers based on quality, delivery, service and price. It has agreements with contracted suppliers to deliver goods and services, and monitors their service standards on a continuous basis to ensure quality and timeliness. 

The Purchase Office is the first point of contact for all departments and offices that intend to buy goods or services. Once intimated, the Purchase Office assigns a vendor based on the type and quantity of goods and services required. It gets quotations from vendors and negotiates prices for cost-effective solutions. It processes Purchase Requests and issues Purchase Orders to vendors to execute orders. The Purchase Office is also responsible for developing efficient processes for procurement and improving supplier responses to purchase requests and deliveries. 

  • Setting policies and developing procedures for procurement activities.
  • Ensuring enforcement of purchase policies and procedures.
  • Scouting and enlisting quality vendors.
  • Providing cost-effective procurement solutions.
  • Monitoring of service and goods quality.
  • Maintaining a log of University-wide procurements.

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