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MPhil Class of 2019

“Being an alumnus of MPhil CPPG Batch’19, I am currently serving as a full time lecturer in the department of History & Pakistan Studies, FCCU. CPPG has enabled me to analyze the issues critically. The course that I am teaching in FCC mainly focuses on the history, present and the future aspects of Pakistan. CPPG equipped me with the knowledge that aids me to conduct discussions in the classroom and maintain a healthy environment that enables learning at both ends. From political leadership to governance and economy to international relations, along with globalization and institution building, this post-graduate program revolves around various areas that are relevant to the subject that I teach. Moreover, the workshops/seminars that CPPG conducted further helped me gain a broader perspective. I am utilizing my research skills and polishing them further by working under the supervision of Director CPPG, Dr. Saeed Shafqat on a monograph that will soon be published.”

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