Education  PhD Ongoing, University of Bonn, Germany

MPhil ELT, Kinnaird College

MA English Literature, Government College University, Lahore

Research Project A Comparative Analysis of Languages, University of Bonn, Germany

Research Areas Sociolinguistics, English Language Teaching and Multilingualism, Power and Politics in Regional languages 

Courses Taught Writing and Communicating Public Policy


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  1. Bhaur, S. (2015). ‘Is Linguistic Culture Deep Rooted in Language Policy? A Reflective Analysis of Harold Schiffman’s Article, Language Policy and Linguistic Culture’, in Quarterly, Research & News, Center for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG).ISSN 2076-9997


Lectures & Talks

  1. 26.04.2021: A Comparative Analysis of Power & Politics: A Case of Sindhi and Punjabi Language in Pakistan (Doctoral Colloquium, Department of South Asian Studies, University of Bonn)
  2. 31.05.2021: Writing and Developing Abstracts for PhD thesis and Research Articles. (Doctoral Colloquium, Department of South Asian Studies, University of Bonn)
  3. 15.05.2020: Significant role of Oral Communication and Presentation Skills in Present Times for Under Grad, Post Grad and Mid-career Professionals (ITU Talk series by Information Technology University, Lahore
  4. 01.06.2019: Guest Lecture responding to Corporate Social Responsibility at a conference organized by WWF on Plastic Waste Management, Ali Institute, Lahore
  5. 15.07.19: Language Teaching in Mixed Ability Classrooms: Applied Research (Conference: St Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge, UK)
  6. 05.08.2018: Impact of Multilingualism in Second Language Acquisition (Conference: RSEP International Conferences on Social Issues and Economic Studies, Barcelona, Spain)

28.04.2018: Role of Technology in Writing Skills of Young Learners (Conference: Kuala Lumpur International Business, Economics & Law Conference, KLIBEL 15th, Malaysia