Sustainability of Lahore: How can the city meet its SDG 11 targets?

October 12, 2022


As a signatory to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Pakistan is under an obligation
to meet the prescribed targets. It therefore needs to create a policy framework
that allows envisioning, adopting, and implementing concrete measures in pursuit of
the commitments. This policy brief concentrates on the capacity of the city of Lahore to
meet the targets proposed by SDG 11 on making the city “inclusive, safe, resilient and
sustainable” (SDG Tracker 2022). It highlights how disproportionate population growth
in Lahore, which is principally driven by migration, is hindering the city’s ability to meet
and deliver on its obligations. Using SDG 11 as the corner stone, it will propose ways to
manage unwarranted population migration growth to the city.