Saba Shahid

Senior Research Fellow

CPPG E-Building FCCU

(042) 99231581 Ext. 396


MSc Local Economic Development (Merit)
BA Economics (Macroeconomics Track, High Honour)
International Baccalaureate (High School Diploma)

Research Projects:

No Projects.

Research Areas:

  • Sustainable Development/ Human Development Policy
  • Top-down Bottom-up Policy Integration
  • CPEC and China’s Rise, Covid-19 and Public Health


Saba Shahid is a public policy and human development researcher. At CPPG she is responsible for expanding the Centre’s academic research activities on diverse public policy topics such as China’s rise and the development of the CPEC, democratic governance structures, urban planning, public health and human development. She has been on the editorial board of the Centre’s Quarterly Research & News publication. Saba is a coordinator for the Centre’s research seminars and roundtable events and plays an active role in the outreach strategies for CPPG where she has often been asked to liaise with a variety of stakeholders conducting research projects that align with the Centre’s objectives. As a result she has fostered successful working relations between CPPG and our partner organizations including WWF Pakistan, the Urban Unit, Civil Services Academy, Punjab SDG Unit, ICRC, and the Global Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania to name a few.

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CPPG Publications

June 1, 2021 | Dr. Saeed Shafqat, Raheem Ul Haque, Saba Shahid
Quarterly: Issue 49 & 52 – 2021

External Publications

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Opinion Pieces

Saba Shahid. “US Denial will not stop China’s Rise”. May 1st 2019. Daily Times.

Saba Shahid. “Harnessing the CPEC Tiger”. Pakistan Politico. (July 2018). 

Saba Shahid. “The Abrogation of Article 370: A need to Re-visit Alistair Lamb’s Analysis of the Kashmir Dispute”. Pakistan Politico. (December 2019).