Pakistan Floods: Managing a Climate Crisis Through
People-Centered Policy Design

October 31, 2022

Dialogue Report

Saba Shahid

In light of World Habitat Day and the right for human settlements to have a safe and secure environment in which to access their livelihoods, CPPG organized a Policy Dialogue titled “Pakistan floods- managing a climate crisis through people-centered policy design” on October 6, 2022. The Policy Dialogue had several objectives: to raise awareness on the current institutional, financial and organizational challenges to flood management, to advocate for actionable solutions that are embedded in data and informed decision-making (particularly among the panelists, faculty and students) and to promote cross-sectoral, collaborative responses that prioritize the health and safety of the most vulnerable. Panelists included a variety of disaster management stakeholders including a technical expert, government sector officials and a representative of community-based organizations. Students, public servants, international aid agencies, academics and development practitioners were invited to attend and participate in the Dialogue.